Which Online Casino Games Suit Me?

Anyone who is familiar with casino games for the first time is faced with the question: What should I actually be playing? Of course, that mainly depends on what excites you, how much money you have available and how much time you want to invest in it. But what is even more interesting: the choice of casino game has a lot to do with your own personalityAnd whoever thinks about it, can conclude that a relatively calm, cautious person, for example, is unlikely to feel comfortable in a fast and exciting casino game. Or, for those who find it difficult to make quick decisions under pressure, many other casino games will be out of the question for them. Likewise, it can be said that an assertive personality is more likely to get bored with roulette or bingo. For those who generally just find it difficult to make a decision, the classic “try out over study” principle also applies, of course. But another good approach is to choose a casino game that perfectly matches your personality. We will therefore shed light on the different possibilities based on the different personality types

Personality type 1: calm, shy, reserved and introverted:

This type of person will probably feel more comfortable with quieter online casino games. There is a huge selection of suitable games for him: slot games, online bingo , video poker or even roulette . The game play in these casino games is very calm, you play against yourself or a computer and at your own pace. The rules of the game are easy to learn and players do not have to be considered tactically. The online casino game can be tried out at your leisure and mistakes only affect your own game. The Mini Baccarat is also very nice for such personality types- Bet is either on the bank or the player’s hand. Video poker requires a little more knowledge of the game, but is otherwise very simple. But when this personality type has a sharp mind, there are a lot more possibilities open to them. This includes the whole range of poker variants but also blackjack, classic baccarat and online craps.

Personality type 2: extroverted, assertive & courageous:

practically all doors are open to such a type, only the quieter games like slots, bingo or roulette will probably bore him. Online craps is sure to suit all those who have no faint nerves – whether in the online or live version. Poker may not be as suitable for this personality type if they are too extroverted.

Personality type 3: willing to take risks, speculative, gambler type :

With such a personality type you have several options in the online casino. Craps with its special bets are very suitable here. And also all games that promise big winnings with a small stake. Roulette is certainly one of them, but also Black Jack and one or the other poker variant.

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